Things That Happen - EP

by Car Cassette

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This was recorded in some attic


released October 28, 2016


all rights reserved



Car Cassette Lynchburg, Virginia

Just a couple of goons doing their thing

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Track Name: What A Summer
I'm sitting in the dark
Trying to see your face
I wonder how you feel
While your T.V. plays
It's been a long time since I've
Really felt this way
I want to make you happy, please let me make you happy

And I'll try to do it, to be a better man

I'm hypnotized by your eyes I'm standing caught in your light
The thought of you is enough to make me weak
Lost again in my head I really hope this won't end
the feeling that you give to me
Track Name: November
Now listen here, you listen here real close
Just sit down and close that window
It's too cold, it's top cold outside for most
Yet you, you're colder than the coast

Yet you run, yet you run from all you know
Are you done, just sit down and reap what you sow
Track Name: I Didn't Mean What I Said
It's 3 in the morning and I can't feel
Between the thoughts and the pain what's real
I know what you said, how you care
But I can't help but think, were you even there

I'm so melodramatic between the heartache and hurt
I'm sorry we don't work, I really am
I just want to feel whole again
I'll shut you out but I didn't mean what I said

That it's painful for me to start a conversation
It's just the opposite, I'm happy, even if it's just a question from you
I'm glad that I know you think about me sometimes
So don't worry yourself I'll be alright

This feeling gets to me sometimes
This feeling in my chest, I feel it on the inside
I'll forget you, and you'll forget me
But I can't help but feel this way, can't you say

You were better than me, you were better than all I could be

You're just too blinded to see
That everything you wanted was me
You'll regret it probably
And wish you would have never left me

And you'll have nightmares every night so you can't ever forget about me
Track Name: My Last Song To You
Maybe if I could practice all night I could impress you
Maybe if I could sing my heart out I could mean something too
And maybe if I could write you stupid song to make you feel something meaningful
Make you cry, but what's the point anymore

I'm done trying to impress, trying to distract
Living with this stress, this headache that won't go away
It never goes away

One day you'll wake up and everything has changed
All of your friends, all your memories will have fade away
And I'm sorry I'm not the boy that would have made you stay
Now all that's left is sleepless nights and headache that won't
It won't go away

I really wonder if things could be different but at this point I'm too bitter to care so I'll sleep past four and pray for something more than my feelings
and this heavy air
you're everywhere

Maybe it's a stupid metaphor
That's the thing, I spent all last night looking for
To heal this broken heart of mine
And give me something me

That sense of family
That sense of feeling like where you belong
That sense of humility
And knowing everything will go wrong

And I'll be okay

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