My Red Sun - LP

by Car Cassette

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First full-length LP, enjoy!


released August 13, 2017

Written by Ricardo and Roberto McNutt
Produced by Antonio McNutt
Artwork by Amanda Arnold


all rights reserved



Car Cassette Lynchburg, Virginia

Just a couple of goons doing their thing

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Track Name: Red Sun
I couldn't sleep when my minds on the run
I couldn't dream when everyday feels like one
The days are long and heavy, like a loaded gun
But I guess it's just me and the curse of my red sun
Track Name: Colorful
Forget your mistakes it's better that way
Nobody even cares about you anyway
Forget your name cuz you can't relate
To the world that now looks gray

I wish that I could do better
It seems I'm always getting caught in the weather
That's storming inside
I guess I'm not doing fine

I wish that I could forget her
It seems it's now just one long-winded letter
It's all about lies
About how I am alright
Track Name: Nothing New
I'm stuck, I'm sick, I'm anguished I can't get over it
And I don't know why
This pain in my chest, please someone just put me to rest
Cuz I don't know why

I feel so empty, around me
There is nothing but hollow noise always for someone else
I envy, forgive me
Seems it's hard to be someone you're not,
At least that's what I tell myself

I locked myself inside my room
I closed all the blinds and tried to hide from you
Thought of ways to tell the truth but realized
That nothing else is new
Track Name: I Don't Know Who I Am Anymore
Come sit down stop moving around
I know exactly just how you felt
When you did those things you don't talk about
Why don't you open up into yourself

Talk to me about deep depression
Talk to me about the life in question
Talk to me because there's no one else
We dug this hole and now we're never getting out

It seems your not being honest with the way things are
You say you're a victim of the scars
That you've been burned across your heart
I really think it's just a lie you like to keep
To hide how you're truly weak
A sad excuse of the image you portray to be

I have these promises I'm trying to keep
But I'm falling apart because my lack of sleep
I don't know nothing and my heart is sore
I don't know nothing can you tell me more
About how you really like to see me a wreck
Well I really like the way you tie a noose around my neck
I don't know nothing and I'm dead for sure
I don't know nothing, I don't know who I am anymore

Shut up kid you put your feelings on the shelf
You really thought that you could fit in with everybody else
A false facade, for applause, the biggest lie that you believe
It's all fake you can't fool me, I am your insecurities
I am your biggest fear, all the loneliness you hate
I am all your regrets, what all keeps you awake
I am your deepest feelings, every word you've ever said
I am yourself that you hate, you can't escape until your dead
Track Name: Blame
Waiting there, take a breath and feel the air
After school, put on a face and pretend to care
Trodding home, this past year I haven't known
A happier side, and what it's like to be there

Do you know what it's like,
To feel this way every night
My perception of me
Is skewed from this heart of mine

I can't get any sleep
When the thought is stuck on repeat
And the disappointment haunts my dreams
My bed is a prison to me

And I'll just lay there and wait
My heart's been bounded by hate
But there is no one to blame
But myself cuz I don't change
These self-destructive ways
Lord, I'm sorry I've turned away
I'm getting crushed by the waves
This sun will kill me someday
Track Name: November Pt. 2
Nobody likes to feel that way
The thought of being a mistake
And I just want to hold my face
Hide that I don't want to articulate
This time

And it's all together
Disregarding whether
It's okay to me, they can see
or maybe they can't
Just until forever
Every month's November
Take a look at the sky, it's alright
I'm alive
Track Name: Enough
Over again this sun has got me stuck
But I'm feeling like I've already had enough
Falling, distorted, everything my heart has destroyed
It's given up

I can't see straight when every shadow looks like you
It's a feeling I hate but love being reminded it's true
Track Name: Reminded
These longer days keep me chasing things that hurt me longer
These shades of gray keep me staring at the ground
These sleepless nights it's a cliche that's never been stranger
My thoughts keep me awake like one long regrettable sound

It's habitual nature why do we say the things we say
As if we are strangers and weren't even friends from the start
And there's too much hate here it pollutes the air and fills the walls
With a deep depression, my heart is swollen, sick of it all

Well it feels like concrete tied around my ankles
It drags me down deep in poor health
And I'd change my ways if you'd said you'd stay
But it's all been said and it's all been done
Under my red sun
My heart has had enough

I can't see straight when every shadow looks like you
It's a feeling I hate but love being reminded it's true
Track Name: Red Sun (reprise)
I couldn't sleep
I couldn't dream

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